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Adopted 25 May 2007



ooooo1. General

ooooo1.1. The public association European Club of Experts, hereinafter referred to as the Club, has been established under the terms of the federal law of the Russian Federation on public associations of 19 May 1995, No 82-FZ, as a public organization.
ooooo1.2. The abbreviation of the Club shall be ECE.
ooooo1.3. In foreign countries whose citizens are members of the Club there shall operate its structural units, which shall enjoy the status of an organization, section or branch office and representation. In compliance with the federal law of the Russian Federation On Public Organizations of 19 May 1995, No 82-FZ, the Club is therefore an international public association.
ooooo1.4. The Club is granted the rights of a juridical person as a result of public registration in accordance with current legislation of the Russian Federation.
ooooo1.5. The Club aims to:
•Strengthen and develop local self-government in the spirit of the European Charter of Local Self-Government in the countries whose citizens are members of the Club;
•Enhance, through Club activities, the expertise and professionalism of the experts working in the filed of local self-government.


ooooo2. Territorial structure of the Club

ooooo2.1. The Club undertakes its activities in the territory of the Russian Federation and that of the Council of Europe member states as well as in other foreign countries should citizens of those countries be Club members.
ooooo2.2. Should there be a foreign Club member, the territorial structure of the Club shall have a representation in a respective country headed by this member.
ooooo2.3. Should there be two foreign Club members, the territorial structure of the Club shall have a branch office in a respective foreign country: ECE Branch Office in (full name or abbreviation of a country). The Branch Office shall be headed by those members on the alternative basis. The rotation of its president shall take place in six or twelve months following their decision.
ooooo2.4. Should there be three and more foreign members, the territorial structure of the Club shall have a a section in a respective country. It will be headed by a member of the section elected by members for a period of at least six months but not more than 24 months, following the decision passed by simple majority of the section membership.
ooooo2.5. This section may be registered as a juridical person under the terms of national legislation following Club section members’ decision passed by simple majority of members.
ooooo2.6. There shall be only one section of the Club in a country.
ooooo2.7. There may be several representations or branch offices of the Club in a country in accordance with its administrative and territorial set-up but not more than one representation or branch office of the Club in each administrative and territorial entity.
ooooo2.8. The Russian section may have regional branch offices which will include Russian Club members – permanent residents in sub-national regions. Regional branch offices that have more than three members may be registered as a juridical person.
ooooo2.9. The Russian Club section is headed by its Chairperson. Chairpersons of the Club section shall be recruited on an alternative basis from among the leaders of regional branch offices in the order of the Cyrillic alphabet and the titles of respective Constituent Entities of the Russian Federation as mentioned in the Russian Constitution. The period of rotation for them shall be established by a branch office at its general meeting out of two alternatives: six or twelve months. The order of the presidency may be changed during the next rotation if other members agree on this.
ooooo2.10. The Russian section may be registered as an All-Russian public organization in accordance with Russian legislation.


ooooo3. Club founders

ooooo3.1. Club founders are physical persons that participated in a general founding meeting of 6 March 2007 and endorsed the present Statute.
ooooo3.2. Information on the Club membership can be found in the Minutes of the founding general meeting of 6 March 2007.
ooooo3.3. Club founders shall be members of the Club as of 6 March 2007, the day when the Club Status was adopted.
ooooo3.4. Admission to Club membership shall be carried out in two ways: а) by inviting, on behalf of the Club, an individual to join the Club; b) by statement of an individual expressing his wish to become a member of the Club.
ooooo3.5. Should there be an initiative by a club member or several members, in accordance with the Club Rules of Procedure, the General Meeting of the Club may decide to invite a person to become a member. If this person accepts the invitation and forwards, according to the Rules of Procedure, his application to the Club Standing Steering Body for membership, he becomes a member on the day he/she sent an application.
ooooo3.6. Should the initiative of a Club member or several members take the form of a recommendation for membership of a physical person in accordance with the Rules of Procedure, provided it has presented his/her application for membership in writing, he/she shall becomes a candidate for Club membership, setting off the membership procedure.
The candidate is invited, according to the Rules of Procedure, to make a presentation in Russian or English on local self-government topic selected independently.
Following presentation, the report is discussed by club members (he/she may be asked to answer questions) orally or by correspondence, in accordance with the Rules of Procedure.
Following debate, the issue is put to vote – public or by secret ballot or by correspondence, according to the Rules of Procedure relating to the candidates for membership.
The candidate is admitted provided half of the Club members voted for him.
ooooo3.7. Nationality, race and party membership shall be of no relevance for membership and Club activities.
ooooo3.8. In case a member or several members of the Club come out with a proposal to expel a member from the Club, this member is invited, in accordance with the Rules of Procedure, to present in writing his/her clarifications to the Club.
On the basis of this clarification, the proposal to expel a member is put to vote, according to the Rules of Procedure.
The decision shall be considered invalid should more than three members express their opposition to expelling the person in question.
ooooo3.9. Any member, if he wishes to, can leave the Club at any time, sending a relevant statement in writing a standing body of the Club.
No explanation of the member’s withdrawal from membership shall be requested by any member.
A member has the right to state his reasons for withdrawal in public and to club members.


ooooo4. . Rights and liabilities

ooooo4.1. Club members have the right:
•to elect and stand for election to steering and auditing bodies of the Club;
•to request and to get information on Club activities;
•to participate in Club activities;
•to propose and organize Club events in accordance with the Rules of Procedure.
ooooo4.2. Club members shall:
•promote an adequate Club image through their activities;
•participate at least in one event annually.
ooooo4.3. Club members must not exploit the Club name and logo or its activities in the interests of any national (foreign) political party, national (or foreign) public authority, or for the benefit of any other organization if otherwise is not determined by a special decision of the Club General Meeting.
ooooo4.4. The General Meeting of the Club may decide to have membership cards. Its form and procedure for issue to members shall be decided by the General Meeting of the Club or by the Rules of Procedure.


ooooo5. Governing bodies of the Club

ooooo5.1. The Highest Governing body of the Club is the General Meeting held virtually or by correspondence in accordance with the Rules of Procedure. The Meeting is convened, according to the Rules of Procedure, whenever there is a need but at least once a year.
ooooo5.2. The Board of Directors shall be a standing governing body of the Club (hereinafter referred to as the Board). Should the number of members remain inferior to 30 persons, all members shall sit on the Board. Should the Club membership exceed 30 members, an organizational meeting is to convened, which will elect the Board.
The Board shall include the leaders of Club branch offices, Director of the Club and 7 Club members elected for a period of 12 months.
Board members shall be elected by secrete ballot by the majority of Club members.
ooooo5.3. The Board shall be headed by the President of the Club (hereinafter referred to as the President). The leaders of Club branch offices (representations or sections) shall be alternate Presidents, in the order of the Latin alphabet and the names of countries in English. The term for rotation shall be established by the Board, but it must not exceed 12 months.
ooooo5.4. The Board shall implement the decisions made by the General Meeting which shall establish Board competences in order to apply the General Meeting decisions.
ooooo5.5. The Club Board shall be based in Moscow.
ooooo5.6. The Club Directorate shall be the Executive organ of the Club (hereinafter referred to as the Directorate). It will carry out its activities in accordance with the decisions of the General Meeting and the Board.
ooooo5.7. The Directorate is headed by the Director of the Club (hereinafter referred to as the Director) who is elected by the General Meeting of Club members for a period of at least two but not more than three years. A member may be elected for the post of Director several times.
ooooo5.8. Should the Club be registered as a juridical person, the Director shall have the right to disburse the Club credits and sign Club financial papers.
ooooo5.9. Should the Club be registered by public authorities, the Chief Accountant is appointed by the Board on its initiative.
ooooo5.10. The auditing organ of the Club shall be a Club auditor (hereinafter referred to as the Auditor), who will be elected for a period of at least 2 years.


ooooo6. Financial and other resources of the Club

ooooo6.1. In the event of public registration the Club may own land plots, buildings and constrictions and other installations, dwelling property, transport, equipment, stock, cultural and education facilities, money resources, bonds and shares and other property needed to ensure Club operation in accordance with its statute. The Club may also own institutions, publishing houses, media, which are set up and bought by the Club in compliance with Club objectives.
ooooo6.2. Property resources of the Club shall include:
•voluntary donations, including target donations made by citizens and juridical persons in the form of money and in kind;
•proceeds from bonds and shares;
•proceeds from fund raising (fundraising and volunteers campaigns including leisure, culture and sport events, lotteries and auctions, etc., in accordance with legislation of the countries where Club branch offices and sections are established);
•accrues from publishing activities, lectures and other Club activities;
•revenues from Club business activities;
•budgetary allocations by the states where Club sections and branch offices are established;
•volunteers activities;
••other revenues allowed by legislation.


ooooo7. Club property management

ooooo7.1. The Club is the owner of its property. A member shall have no right to own any share of the Club property.
ooooo7.2. The revenues from business and other forms of Club activities may not be distributed among its members but shall be used to achieve its statutory objectives.
ooooo7.3. Club property is managed by the Directorate in compliance with decisions made by the General Meeting and the Board.


ooooo8. Procedure for introducing amendments to the statute of the Club

ooooo8.1. Alterations and amendment to the statute of the Club shall be introduced by the General Meeting on the initiative of Club members if at least two thirds of all members of the Club have voted for them.
ooooo8.2. Alterations and amendments introduced to the statute of the Club shall be registered by public authorities in the order set out in law and take effect following the registration.


ooooo9. Procedure for reorganization and/or dissolution of the Club

ooooo9.1. The Club may be reorganized by introducing relevant amendments to the Statute of the Club.
ooooo9.2. The Club shall be dissolved under the terms of current legislation provided the number of the Club members is inferior to three persons or on decision of the Club General Meeting.

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