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Heiner Berr, PhD, Economist, General Manager of OST-EURO, working in Russia since 1992 during 1990-1992 - working for Treuhandanstalt, manager of a number of projects within Transform programme in the field of privatisation, restructuring, economic development, consulting of municipalities, founding joint ventures.


Emil Markwart, Lawer, doctor of Economics, PhD in law, working in Russia since 1992
Bilingual, speaks German and Russian, since 1992 consulting governmental bodies and municipalities on legislation and economy issues, organization and functioning of municipalities, foundation and functioning of joint ventures, small business development, private-public partnership. Manager and expert of numerous, member of various Expert Councils on LSG and editorial boards of a number of journals, the author of numerous publications.
President of European Club of Experts in Local Self-Government


Eugene Heller, Economist, working in Russia since 1993
expert for regional develop management, cooperation and innovation management. Manager of EU projects in the field of innovation management and technology transfer. In 1997 - 1998 deputy project manager of the largest EU technology project in Russia that has been carried out for the Russian Ministry of Science and Technology. Profound knowledge in the establishment of international cooperations, strategic alliances and networks.

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