Concept of Local Self-Government Development in Russia


January 28, 2014 - Talking points to the Concept of development of local self-government in Russia

These talking points represent an attempt to structure the main provisions of the future development of the Concept of local self-government, which is discussed in the expert community in the last year. download (in Russian)


March 1, 2013 - Club meeting

On 28 March will be held an expert meeting of the Club on development of the Concept. To access the agenda, as well as time and place here (in Russian, doc, 240 kb)


February 28, 2013 - Materials which sent by collegues, ahead of a Club meeting

"About Concept of the development of local self-government in Russia" (R. Babun) download (in Russian, doc, 37,5 kb)
"About development of the Concept" (I. Kokin) download (in Russian, doc, 34,0 kb)


February 20, 2013 - Publishing in the journal "Municipal Russia" (rus. «Муниципальная Россия»)

The article "Modern municipality – factory of services or a platform for civil society?" download (in Russian, doc, 79,5 kb).


February 19, 2013 - Structure of the Concept (proposal of E. Markwart)

1. Objectives of the Concept and course of its development.
2. The essence of the local self-government (LSG) and its role and palce in the society.
3. Brief description of the current state of LSG in Russia.
4. Advantages og LSG as an institution and the needing for its development.
5. Objectives and main lines of development of LSG.
6. Prerequisites (conditions and key events) for the development of LSG.


February 1, 2013 - Ideas of organisation of work and development of approaches

1) Organisation of the process of development the Concept by expert community
1.1. Concept - the result of collective efforts of the expert community.
1.2. Forming of a working group of the members of the Club withe the assistance of outside experts.
1.3. Openness and transparency of the process of developing.
1.4. Fixation of the results of each stage during the expert meeting; setting of goals for the next stages.
1.5. Period of preparation of the Concept - 1 year (until December 2013).

2) Model sructure of the Concept
2.1. The Concept schould be very brief, as a political programm.
2.2. Possible departure from the "classical" (set by law) approach to structuring.
2.3. Coordination and approving by the Club`s structure Concept (at the spring meeting), see the information on February 19, 2013.
2.4. Deadline for present proposals on structure by Club members: February 28, 2013.

3) Composition of the working group / division of responsibilities
3.1. Number of members: 10-15
3.2. Approval of the working group: in remote mode until February 28, 2013.

4) Mechanisms of involving other persons and organisations to development and discussion of the draft
4.1. Publication of information on the progress of work on the Concept in electronic resources (web-sites): site of the European Club of Experts in Local Self-Government, in section of в ECE of the Internet-portal of OST-EURO GmbH, on the web-sites of all other organisations concerned.
4.2. Colloboration with All-Russian Congress of Municipalities in order to ensure the regular delivering information on the progress of making of the Concept to community and municipality to get "feedback" (in particular, by publication in the journal "Municipal Russia", rus. «Муниципальная Россия»).
4.3. Placing a series of materials (expert materials) in the magazine "Practice of the municipal management", rus. «Практика муниципального управления».
4.4. Consideration of proposals of each expert about possible additional coverage of this work and engaging of the municipal posts to it (for example, the imposition of this issue at various conferences and "round-tables", also with the authorities, scientific and expert community, etc.).
4.5. Informing all interested individuals and organisations, from local authorities and expert community to federal agencies and the CLRAE.


January 2013 - Addressing to the Club members, expert and municipal community

The text of the appeal you can find here


December 2012 - Announced the decision of the Club from 13.12. 2012 on development in 2013 the Concept

Issues fo the general discussion:
1) organisation of the process of development of the Concept by the expert community
2) model structure of the Concept
3) working group / division of responsibilities
4) mechanisms for the involvment of other persons and organisations in development and discussion of the project
5) other

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