About company

OST-EURO GmbH consulting company was registered in Regensburg (FRG) in October 1995 by German consultants with a profound experience of work in Russia.

OST-EURO maintains 3 project offices in the Russian Federation - in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Pskov. Company interests in some other regions are represented by co-operation offices (Novgorod, Perm`, Novosibirsk).

OST-EURO is specialising in consulting and training in the field of public administration and local self-government, municipal economy, strategic planning and spatial development, international co-operation, SME development and innovation promotion, assistance to German entrepreneurs realizing investment and co-operation projects in Russia, shares management.

OST-EURO is using innovative approaches and attracts other specialized consulting companies. In frame of concrete projects OST-EURO is working in co-operation with well-known large companies, such as TNO Dutch research organisation, Fraunhofer Management GmbH, Finnish and Danish unions for local self-government, British Council, KPMG, Ramboll, German associations of local self-government, municipal companies etc. Russian partners of OST-EURO GmbH are presented here.

In Russia, OST-EURO cooperates with more than 300 municipalities in more than 20 regions of Russia. Within this framework, the company is supporting partners in conclusion of current and long-term objectives, in the implementation of reforms, and in making projections for future development. We rely on the positive experience of foreign (mainly European) and the experience of our Russian partners - municipalities of Russia.

OST-EURO combines professional competence and project management experience with necessary knowledge of the country it is working in. The Company is supporting good contacts with many federal ministries and institutions, local self-government bodies, enterprises, training institutions and public organisations in many Russian regions.

The main projects and products of OST-EURO are summarised on the following pages:

  • Development of democracy and local self-government

  • SME support

  • Consulting for foreign companies

OST-EURO GmbH also works with a variety of partner and subcontract consultants who can handle specific tasks outside our main areas of expertise (i.e. economists, lawyers and engineers).

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