General Information

OST-EURO GmbH has been actively supporting development of democracy and local self-government in the Russian Federation.

OST-EURO GmbH provides consuting services to federal and regional bodies, municipalities and local self-government bodies on all the aspects of self-government, i.e. legal, territorial, organizational, economic issues.

Consultations are based on knowledge and experience of western european and Russian practice of management.

Since 1992 OST-EURO GmbH experts have been working at the municipal level. They consulted about 200 Russian municipalities, regional governments (Administrations) and federal institutions (Russian Parliament, various ministries, consortia etc.) OST-EURO GmbH takes a regulate part in Parliament Hearings, conferences and round tables on local self-government issues. Our experts submit their findings on draft bills to legislative bodies. They are members of Expert Councils, editorial boards and authors of numerous books, brochures and articles on the topic. OST-EURO GmbH has a wide network of contacts with public bodies at federal and regional level, in a large number of municipalities, relevant associations, research and consulting organizations in Russia, Germany and some other countries.


OST-EURO GmbH provides wide range of services in the field of local self-government to federal and regional management bodies and municipalities and to the interested Russian and foreign companies and institutions:

  • high-quality advice and development of legal acts;
  • training, retraining and professional development for LSG specialists;
  • expertise of legal drafts, opinion and comments;
  • project development, management and maintenance.

OST-EURO GmbH is arranging numerous conferences, seminars, open discussions. It is publishing books, brochures and articles in central and regional press on the above-mentioned issues. OST-EURO GmbH publications OST-EURO GmbH are distributed for free. Please, contact the company Moscow office.

OST-EURO GmbH is your competent partner in the field of local self-government and democracy development!


Last update: 18 January 2013

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